LIFE Waste2Coag

Brine and Metal Wastes Valorisation to Produce Coagulants for Wastewater Treatment

LIFE Waste2Coag aims to demonstrate an innovative and cost-efficient technology based on the electrolysis of wastes to produce coagulants for the removal of pollutants in urban and industrial wastewaters, including emerging pollutants and pathogens.

LIFE Waste2Coag boosts the circular economy in water treatment plants and creates synergies with other sectors, as industrial scrap metallic wastes and brines generated in different industries are valorised, including wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and desalination plants (DP).

Timeline of Implementation

Expected Results

Design, build and operate an electrolytic pilot plant, fed with renewable energy and using wastes as secondary raw materials to produce coagulants with an estimated maximum capacity of around 60m³ /day

Valorisation of 75m³/week in Gandia WWTP (100% of received brines), 400 m³/week in Wulpen WWTP, 1.5m³ /week in JOVIAR industrial plant (100% of generated brines in their process). A total of 5000m³ during project duration

Adjustable metal concentration in the produced coagulants of 400-2,000 mgFe/L and 250-700 mgAl/L


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