Water reactor Waste2Coag

LIFE Waste2Coag project aims to boost the circular economy in wastewater

The LIFE Waste2Coag project aims to demonstrate a viable and cost-effective solution for brine and metal waste valorisation for the production of a sustainable coagulant as an alternative to commercial ones. The product will be used in water facilities, ensuring efficient use of resources for the provision of water services. 

The project is currently working on the design and construction of a resource-efficient electrolytic pilot system (ELS) for the production of coagulants by direct recovery of brines and scrap metal, turning it into a completely sustainable process based on the use of wastes as raw materials and renewable energy. The focus is to promote ELS as a sustainable, autonomous and decentralised technology, proposing its inclusion in EU policies and for a wider implementation and replication in sectors where water purification and treatment are required.

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